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Hybrid Arc Deposition & Magnetron Sputtering Machine For Decorative Purpose


Hybrid Arc Deposition & Magnetron Sputtering Machine For Decorative Purpose

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Decorative Purpose Vacuum PVD Arc Deposition & Magnetron Sputtering Machine


This is a hybrid PVD arc deposition and magnetron sputtering machine with a big size of vacuum chamber, which is 1600X2000mm.  

This machine is capable to apply decorative colors on SUS parts which are used for furniture and sanitary industries. We can provide customized solution for the particular applications to meet your requirements.

Model Number ARC-1800
Dimension of vacuum chamber(diameter*height) 1800X2000 mm
Material of vacuum chamber SUS304 with cooling jacket
Application Decorative PVD coating colors on steel, ceramic, glass substrates
Colors Golden, rose golden, silver, black, rainbow, purple, customized
Quantity of arc sources 24 arcs
Sputtering system 1 Nos. of DC magnetron sputtering cathodes
Pumping system Diffusion pump+booster pump+ mechanical pump
Pumping Time From atmosphere to 5.0*10-2Pa  less than 15 minutes
Bias Power Supply 60kW
Gas distribution System with Mass Flow Controllers 3 sets
Vacuum Limit 5.0*10-4 Pa
Working temperature Functional Applications: up to 200 centigrades
Working mode Automatic or Manual mode, by 15 inches Industrial PLC touches screen
Total Power 180kW
Power cosumption(kW/h) About 90kW/h
Footprint(WL) 5*6 meters
These units you can custom made 1. Size of vacuum chamber
2. Quantity of arc sources
3. Configurations of pumps
4. Gas distribution system
Optional instruments 1. Coatings thickness monitor
2. Leakage detector
3. Magnetron sputtering system
4. Evaporation system

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