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Continuously Magnetron Sputtering Line2

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Product description
Product parameters
Magnetron sputtering coating machine is mainly the use of DC (or MF magnetron sputtering, can be adapted to a wide range of coated targets, such as: copper, titanium, chromium, stainless steel, nickel and other metal materials, the sputtering process can be used for coating , Can improve the film adhesion, repeatability, density, uniformity and so on.
Features and basic parameters
● horizontal line body structure, enabling single-sided coating at the same time
● production efficiency, the fastest speed of 1 minute / beat
● Modular design, easy maintenance
● coating process is mature, high yield
● DC magnetron sputtering cathode can be selected with the customer's request
● Vacuum system consists of mechanical pump, Roots pump, diffusion pump (molecular pump)
● line size can be customized with customer requirements
1) The material of the vacuum chamber is made of SUS304, the inner wall of the vacuum chamber is polished and the outer wall is treated with polished beads.
2) The use of independent door between the vacuum valve - flapper valve separated, you can achieve effective partition, stable process gas. At present, our company uses the plug valve design, which is better than the current domestic valve flap sealing effect, more durable.
3) Drive using magnetic guidance to ensure the stability of transmission. The entire production line of the speed of the motor using frequency control motor speed can be adjusted.
4) electrical control system: touch screen and P L C automatic control, man-machine dialogue to achieve the system data display, operation and control of technical parameters
1) Ultimate vacuum pressure: 6 × 1 0E-4 Pa
2) The average production cycle: According to the product to determine
3) substrate rack size: can be customized according to requirements
4) Film uniformity: ± 3% Advanced mobile magnetic field technology greatly improves the target utilization
Segmented heating design, is conducive to process optimization.
Continuous magnetron sputtering coating production line is mainly used for magnetron sputtering high-quality, multi-functional metal film, anti-interference electromagnetic shielding film (EMI) on the surface of pressure force plates, glass, ceramics, , Reaction film, composite film, transparent conductive film (ITO), antireflection film (AR), antireflection film and the like. With a large throughput continuous magnetron metal production, using the most advanced production technology in the same industry, which greatly improves the adhesion of the film and the workpiece, adhesion. Continuous automatic production line to ensure product consistency and stability, the whole process without emissions, waste water emissions, the product meets the requirements of the European Environmental Law.
Production line technical characteristics
(1) The production line adopts a large-area sputter deposition thickness uniformity control device to realize the uniformity adjustment according to the production status;
(2) The production line can realize the continuous production of multilayer dielectric film and conductive film or metal film at the same time;
(3) the production line can be used to produce closed-loop control of piezoelectric valve production SiO2 layer;
(4) Production Line Security uses advanced plug-in valve chamber cut off, can achieve effective cut off, stable process gas. Our company has the ability to design and process flapper valve, the flapper valve design seal effect is better and more durable;
(5) The production line adopts a uniform intake pipe structure design, air flow injection uniform and smooth;
(6) The production line adopts the advanced magnetism guide transmission system, the substrate frame transmission is stable;
(7) Electrical control system: touch screen and PCL automatic control, man-machine dialogue to achieve the system data display, operation and control.
Technical Parameters
(1) Ultimate vacuum pressure: 6 × 10E-4 Pa
(2) The average production cycle: 80-180 seconds / rack
(3) substrate rack size: 850mm × 1500mm (can be customized according to requirements)
(4) Film uniformity: ± 3%
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