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Small PVD Vacuum Coating System

PVD coating machine for hard coatings
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Small PVD Vacuum Coating System

The ARC -800 PVD coating machine is industrial coating equipment designed  for smart or small parts up to 50 cm. The cathodic arc deposition source ensures you get consistency and maximum control over coating uniformity and properties.

This PVD system can be used for applying protective hard coatings such as TiN(titanium nitride), CrN( chrome nitride), TiAlN(Titanium aluminum nitride) etc on tools, dies, drills, hardwares. Additionally, Hongfeng VAC will custom-design coatings to meet your specifications for function or color(decorative purpose is available).

ARC-800 PVD coating system is the hard coating machine solution that have operated successfully in industrial applications around the world for more than 10 years. Improvements include a 40% reduction in footprint, upgraded vacuum pumping system, updated software, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Send us an email(info@hfvacuum.com) today to learn more about how our coating systems can save you money while taking your business to a higher level.

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