Magnetron Sputtering Evaporation Coating Machine

Magnetron Sputtering Evaporation Coating Machine combines magnetron sputtering technology and vacuum aluminum evaporation coating(we also call it vacuum metallizing) technology in the same coating equipment, which uses magnetron sputtering cathode glow discharge to sputter target atoms and partially separate and deposit them on the substrate At the same time, the metal plating material can be melted by resistance heating in vacuum and vaporized and deposited on the substrate to form a film. Increase the use and flexibility of the equipment. The equipment can be adapted to a wide range of coating targets, such as: aluminum, copper, titanium, chromium, silver, stainless steel and other metal materials. The equipment has a fast deposition rate, good coating adhesion, fine and dense coating, high surface finish, and good uniformity; this machine realizes fully automated control of the coating process, large loading, reliable film quality, high pass rate, low production cost and this It is a green machine. The equipment is widely used in plastic decoration, gifts, toys, household appliances, auto parts and other industries.

Material of products: Glass, plastic, metals after proper pretreatment