Arc Power Supply PVD Source Arc Ion Inverter

T7 arc power supply is a new generation of high-quality arc ion plating DC multi-arc power supply designed and developed for vacuum arc ion plating coating industry.
The arc pow supply works in a high-frequency conversion mode and output direct current, and that adjustment of the power supply current is realized by changing the pulse width of the high-frequency conversion. The power supply is provided with a load compensation circuit, a small current arc stabilization circuit, an over-temperature and over-current protection circuit and the like, has good load characteristics and higher current stability rate, and is suitable for high-quality decorative coating and hard coating.
This machine uses industrial IGBT module as the main power device, combined with the self-developed control circuit, which can control the uniform excitation of the arc source.
The given signal and the feedback signal all adopt a photoelectric isolation mode, so that the interference problem of the arc power supply is avoided, the operation speed is extremely high, and the current stabilization accuracy is less than or equal to 1%.
After rigorous and critical tests, it can perfectly meet the working requirements, save more than 10% energy than ordinary inverter arc power supply, fast speed, high precision, and win the recognition of users with super high cost performance.
This arc inverter has the characteristics of small, portable, efficient, energy-saving, stable and reliable, and the conversion rate of the whole machine is more than 93%.
Main purpose
T7-ARC series inverter arc power supply is mainly used for arc in multi-arc ion plating, metal plasma source and arc plasma source, multi-arc ion plating and magnetic filter arc ion plating process.
Main features
1. It adopts advanced switching power supply technology, which has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise and small interference to the power grid.
2. It has the characteristics of steep voltage drop and automatic current stabilization, which can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the power supply under the fluctuation of grid voltage and load.
3. It has the functions of arc extinguishing detection and automatic arc ignition.
4. The operation is simple and convenient.
5. Heavy industrial grade arc power supply, 100% temporary load rate