HIPIMS Power Source for Thin Film Vacuum Deposition

Output Power : 20kW

Output Mode : DC output, Pulse output and DC superposed

Pulse output for magnetron sputtering

Operation Interface : Touch Screen Control

DC Mode Output : Constant Current

DC Voltage : ~800V

DC Max. Current : 15A

DC Power : 10kW

Pulse Mode Output : Constant Voltage

Maximum Pulse

Output Voltage : ~0 - 1000V

Pulse Power : 10kW

Maximum Pulse

Peak Current : 400A (adjustable set-point to avoid

overcurrent for various target size)

Pulse Width : ~25μs – 300μs (continuous adjustable)

Pulse Frequency : ~25Hz – 300Hz (continuous adjustable)

Arc Suppression : Equipped

Cooling Mode : Forced Air

Protection : over-voltage, over-current, over-heat

Waveform Output : BNC ports for oscilloscope to real-time

measurement of voltage and discharge current

Input Power : AC 380 V ± 5%, 50 Hz ± 5%, 60A, 3-phase

4-wire systems