General Description:

PVD Arc Deposition Machine is capable to do depositions of many metals on different metals, ceramic and glass substrates.
The PVD coating machine is particularly designed for protective hard coatings on tools, cutter and moulds. It improves the lifetime of different types of tool, meantime, it can increases the surface hardness. 

The metal ions combine with a reactive gas that is introduced into the chamber, strike the target tools or components with high energy and are deposited as a thin and highly adherent coating. 

Technical Parameter:

Vacuum PVD chamber               Custom made, by Hongfeng VAC
Vacuum pumping system          Diffusion pump/Molecular pumps + Roots pump + Mechanical Pumps
Coating system                          Arc ion plating/deposition system or hybrid technologies
Working Temperature               Up to 550 centigrade
Controlling system                    Touched screen PLC automatic controlling system
Arc Power supply                      Arc inverter and bias power supply
Water recycling system             For the diffusion pump and cathodes
Pretreatment machine              Air Compressor, Chiller, Ultrasonic Washer, Pure Water Machine,High Purity Gases
Dimensional                              Please contact us for your own solution
Power supply                            380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A


Structure of the PVD Machine:

Spare Parts:

You will need some necessary parts for daily production, we can also provide:

·     Vacuum pumps
·     Arc sources with arc power supplies
·     O rings
·     Vacuum meter with gauges/sensors
·     Bias power supply
·     Magnetic valves
·     MFC
·     Heating elements
·     Target materials
·     Customized jigs

Main Applications:

·     Cutting tools
·     Molds and dies
·     Punches
·     Drills