Continuous Horizontal Sputtering PVD Equipment for Antireflective Glass​

Anti-reflection coating is a kind of thin layer on the surface of the glass substrates made by vacuum magnetron sputtering vacuum process technology, which can greatly reduce reflection and light refraction and improve the glass transmission rate and clarity. This technology is often used on high-definition display, solar panels, photography lens and other devices to improve its functional efficiency. 

General Applications for inline sputtering system:
1.  Anti-reflective coatings AR glass
2. Aluminum & silver glass mirror 
3. ITO conductive glass
4. Titanium nitride golden decorative coatings 
5. Low E(Low emissivity) glass
6. Displays or windows or solar panels, etc
Size of glass: Depends on the client's requirements
Size of inline sputtering system: Tailor-made
Target materials: Silicon, Indium tin oxide(ITO)metals such as titanium, chrome, silver, etc
Power source: DC,Pulsed DC or MF, Ion source power supply
Magntron sputtering cathodes type: Planar or Cylindrical rotating magnetron sputtering cathodes 
Device operation: Continuous
Type of apparatus: Linear through
Quantity of vacuum sputtering chambers: More than 2 sputtering chambers
Deposition of individual layers: Inert and reactive sputtering deposition coatings
Substrate cleaning: Optional
Measurement of the layer deposition process: Power, current, voltage 
Speed of substrate movement by line: Adjustable