Vertical Inline PVD Equipment for Continuous Coating of Flat Parts

This inline sputtering coating equipment(both sides simultaneously) is using magnetron sputtering.

Detailed description below.

Technical support and documents we will provide:

  1. Circuit diagram, production capacity, power consumption, dimensions, as well as the type and technical specifications of magnetron sputtering coating systems.
  2. Maintenance description and schedule for the Inline equipment.
  3. Onsite commissioning.
  4. Training for operators, technicians, etc.
  5. Possibility of upgrades and custom modifications.

Parts to be coated

Different material of substrates


The Inline equipment is designed for continuous deposition of metallic, nitride and oxide coatings as well as composite coatings. Coating is deposited using rotating/planar magnetrons sputtering cathodes.

Inline equipment

The composition of the Inline sputtering coating system allows for the following operations to be performed on both sides of the plates simultaneously:

  • Thermal heating to 300 °C;
  • Ion cleaning and surface activation;
  • Vacuum thin film deposition coating using rotating/planar magnetron sputter coating systems.

Other description

  •   Technological and economic indicators of the coating equipment corresponds to the world level in its class. The equipment is designed and manufactured according to EU standards. 
  •   Each module has visual observation window that are protected from vacuum coating.
  •   Each module has hatches for easy access, cleaning, and maintenance inside the module.
  •   Control system has convenient UI with possibility to control and follow every necessary process parameter. Observation of key process is available remotely (e.g., from a smartphone or remote connection).
  •   The PVD coating equipment is equipped with sound & light alarm.
  •   All modules have water cooling with good cooling capacity near sealing.

Customized solution is also provided.