Brife Description
This vacuum coating machine is used for thermal evaporation. It is used fir aluminum deposition for lighting reflectors, cosmetics and paint metal paint decorative finishes.

Vacuum Chamber Type
Vertical/Horizontal Batch
Two door with rotating tooling fixtures
Optimized Coating Area

Technical Summary
High power thermal resistive evaporation system provides high brightness aluminum coatings for a wide range of plastics and metal substrates.
Coating Method Options
Resistive Thermal Evaporation/Magnetron Sputtering

Dual Manual Door with Quick Change Fixturing
Networking Compatible with On-Board Diagnostics
Easy operation, low average production costs

Technical Specifications:

Main Applications:                    Plastic or glass metallizing, decorative coatings
Coating System:                        Evaporation Coating System with high power transformer
Vacuum chamber structure:      Vertical chamber front opening door, one or two doors, as well as two chambers optional
Pumping system:                      Diffusion pump(Molecular pump) +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(5.0*10-4Pa)
Workpiece Carousel:                 Public rotation Frequency control: 0-20RPM
Vacuum degree measuring:      Digital display composite vacuum gauge: from atmosphere to 8.0*10-4Pa
Control mode:                           Manual/Automatic work mode by PLC touched screen
Remark:                                     We can make the machine according to customer’s  requirements.