Vacuum Hybrid PVD Coating Unit

ARC-800 comes with both of cathodic arc evaporation and magnetron sputtering technologies in the same machine. The main features of ARC-800 are fast cycle times, easy operation and combines the advantages of multi arc and sputtering.  It has four high performance cathodic arc evaporation cathodes and cylindrical rotating magnetron sputtering cathode. It is the ideal choice for customers looking to obtain the most universal applications and multiple layers coatings in a small and smart PVD coater.

Technologies Applied:
Cathodic arc evaporation cathodes
Cylindrical rotating magnetron sputtering cathode

More possibilities of layers of coatings
High target utilization
High deposition rate
Quick cathode exchange
Better coating quality

Load and Cycle Times:
Max. load: 300kg
2 – 3 batches/day

Dual-rotation kicker carousel or triple-rotation gearbox system
Customized design is available

Controlling System:
Simple use and maintenance
Control system with touch screen
Data recording and real-time display of process parameters and flow
Manual and automatic process control

Machine Dimensions:
Footprint [mm]:  L2200 x W2500 x H2000