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Multi Arc Ion Plating PVD Coating Machine For Cutting Tools


Multi Arc Ion Plating PVD Coating Machine For Cutting Tools

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Multi Arc Ion Plating PVD Coating Machine For Cutting Tools

This is a standard PVD coating system for hard coatings on cutting tools. The vacuum chamber is 1000x1200mm and it is productive in this kind of application for hard coatings.

Techanical Specifications:

Multi Arc Ion Plating PVD Coating Machine For Tools
Available coatings
(could be changed according to each machine)
Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coatings
Chromium Nitride (CrN) Coatings
Erosion Resistant Titanium Nitride Coatings
TiCN Coatings
TiAlN Coatings
Custom Coating Designs
Functional applications
Cutting Tools - drills, mills, reamers, taps, gear cutters and inserts
Plastic moulding tools - especially high finish tools
Press tools stamping, punching and cold forming
Model Number ARC-1000
Dimension of vacuum chamber(diameter*height) 1000X1200mm
Material of vacuum chamber SUS304 with cooling jacket
Quantity of arc sources 12 sets
Pumping system Molecular pumps(KYKY brand)+ Roots pump+ Mechanical pump
Pumping Time From atmosphere to 5.0*10-3Pa  less than 30 minutes
Bias Power Supply 20kW, the voltage can reach up to 1200Volts.
Gas distribution System with Mass Flow Controllers 4 sets
Vacuum Limit 5.0*10-4 Pa
Working temperature Up tp 550 centigrades
Working mode Automatic or Manual mode, by 15 inches PLC touches screen
Total Power 90kW
Footprint(LW) 3X4 meters
These units you can custom made 1. Size of vacuum chamber
2. Quantity of arc sources
3. Configurations of pumps
4. Gas distribution system
Optional instruments 1. Coatings thickness monitor
2. Leakage detector
3. Magnetron sputtering system
4. Evaporation system

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