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PVD Sputtering Evaporation Coating Machine In Vietnam (2012)


PVD Sputtering Evaporation Coating Machine In Vietnam (2012)

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Vacuum PVD Magnetron Sputtering Evaporation Coating Machine In Vietnam (2012)

This is a hybrid PVD machine with both of magnetron sputtering and aluminum evaporation coating systems. The size of vacuum chamber is 1000X1100mm.

This machine was made for a customer from Hanoi in Vietnam. This machine is capable to apply 2 kinds of process: Fast vacuum aluminum metallizing and metal sputtering. So it is used for plastic chroming and functional coatings for plastic parts.

Technical Specifications of hybrid PVD coating equipment:

Mode ES-800 ES-1000 ES-1200 ES-1600
Dimension D700*H800mm D1000*H1100mm D1200*H1400mm D1600*H2000m
Sputtering DC or MF sputtering
Sputtering 1 set
Evaporation Thermal Aluminum Evaporation Coating System
Evaporation transformer 15kW 15kW 20kW 30kW
Reactive gas control Mass flowmeter + Electromagnetic valve
Vacuum chamber structure  Vertical chamber front opening door, double layer cooling chamber, carbon steel
Pumping system Diffusion pump(Turbo Molecular pumps) +Roots pump +Mechanical pump
the ultimate vacuum can reach up to (5.0*10-4Pa)
Heating Temperature control Normal temperature, heating friendly for plastics
Vacuum degree measuring Digital display composite vacuum gauge: from atmosphere to 1.0*10-5Pa
Control mode Manual/Automatic work mode by PLC touched screen
Compressed Air 5 ~ 8Kgf/cm2
Cooling Water 2.5 ~ 3Kgf/cm2, 18 ~ 25°C, Distilled Water
Process Gas 99.999% Pure Gas
Heating Control Selecting the capacity according to the choice of user, PID control
System Ground Class-1 grounding or its relevant facility
Remarks Above specifications are our standards and they can be adjustable from user's request

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