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Plastic Thermal Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine

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Plastic Thermal Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine

Thermal aluminum evaporation technique is the most simple technique in PVD area. It is fast cycle and the machine is easy to operate. 

Techanical specification of the Thermal Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine:

PVD(physical vapor deposition)Metal Coating Machinery
 Evaporation Aluminum Metallizing machine
(The configurations are custom made to meet each customer's needs)
Available coatings Metal film coatings: Aluminum and other easy-melting metal
1. Plastic metallization
3. Mirror making
4. Car parts coating
5. Cosmetic caps coating
6. Glass chatons
Decorative thin film coating onto other items.
Model Number EV-1000 EV-1200 EV-1400 EV-1800 EV-2000 Two doors or Two chambers model are available
Dimension of vacuum chamber(diameter*height) 1000*1100 1200*1400 1400*1600 1800*2000 2000*2200
Material of vacuum chamber Carbon steel, SUS304 or SUS316L
Technology of working vacuum resistance evaporation with tungsten& aluminum filaments, high power evaporation transformer
Pumping system Diffusion pump+mechanical pumps, booster pump
Pumping Time From atmosphere to 5.0*10-2Pa  less than 8 minutes
Vacuum Limit 5.0*10-4 Pa
Working temperature Room temperature
Working mode Automatic or Manual mode, by 10.4 inches PLC touches screen
Total Power 40-80kW 70-140kW
Footprint 2*2 meters 2*3 meters 3*3 meters 3*3 meters 3*4 meters 4*5 meters 5*6 meters
These units you can custom made 1. Size of vacuum chamber
2. Configurations of pumps
Optional instruments 1. Leakage detector
3. Arc ion deposition system
4. Magntron sputtering system

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