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Car Headlights Vacuum Metallization Coating Machine


Car Headlights Vacuum Metallization Coating Machine

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This Vacuum Coating Machine is used for applying chrome finished on car Headlights and tail lamp.The high vacuum evaporating system is suitable to metallize plastic parts with aluminum.
This equipment is proceed to Roughing Pumping - Fine pumping- AL Evaporation - as that metalize AL film to a reflection surface.
The substrate holder is designed to planetary type and possible to speed control of holder.
Especially, this system was designed that substrate holder can common use with 6axles to 9axles in order to meet suitable substrate size(according to order).
The metallizing process is done by means of a thermal evaporating device in highvacuum chamber. The protective layer process is performed in one additionalworking step before and/or after metallization.