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Hybrid PVD Coating Machine - Delivery


About the PVD coating machine

This PVD machine was made for the dosmetic client. The machine comes with two sets of DC magnetron sputtering cathodes systems and arc deposition system. It allows you to have more possiblities to work with wide ranges of materials of substrates. The dimension of PVD vacuum coating chamber is D800XH850mm, this was not a standard size, it was designed according to the size of products of the client. It is smart and easy to be operated.

The machine comes with two molecular pumps(KYKY brand), it works very efficiently. The process is clean, no chemical waste. 

About the packing & delivery



First, the vacuum chamber was carefully rolled with thin plastic film to provent the moisture and dust.



Second, the vacuum pumps was protected by the polywood carbon, which is solid and strong.



Thrid, the goods will be fastened and no terrible vibration during the transportation. We keep the machine in a perfect conditions during shipment.


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