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Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Machine

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a technology where a material is evaporated and condensed to form a thin film coating over an object (substrate).
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Product parameters
Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine
Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a technology where a material is evaporated and condensed to form a thin film coating over an object (substrate). With a wide range of coating materials and thicknesses, PVD can be customized to applications and the coatings can be optimized for various characteristics, such as decorative, optical, electrical, and mechanical properties.
Magnetron sputtering is one of PVD technique, where ionized particle bombard target surface, when energy is high enough, the target atom will be sputtered out. Magnetron sputtering has following advantages:
PVD is used for depositing decorative films on watch casings, jewelry and furniture, as well as for functional films for moulds and dies, cutting tools, and low-friction machine parts. The process delivers a high pass rate and good quality.
♥ No environmentally damaging materials and emissions, no toxic reaction products
♥ Great variety of coatings can be produced, most substrate can be coated
♥ High wear resistance, Low friction coefficient
♥ Coating temperature below the final heat treatment temperature of most steels
♥ Small, precisely reproducible coating thickness (accurate surface replication, true to size)
Magnetron Sputtering System (MS-PVD)
The sputtering system can be used for the deposition of high quality, uniform metals and multilayers coating with sequential sputtering and co-sputtering of Ti/TiN, Cr/CrN, and TiAlN etc. The system having in-situ reaction capabilities for the deposition of co-sputtering of thin films (Metals, Oxides (SiO2, TiO2, Cr, Ti, Al, Ag and intermetallic alloys) on various substrates like silicon wafer, quartz crystal, alumina and metal substrates etc. DC powered target for deposition of conductive materials. Gases flow, chamber pressure, in-situ source tilt and substrate holder Z-motion working distance control via pc based process control for optimizing the deposition conditions. Heated substrate holder that maintains temperature control up to ≥ 600 oC before, during and/or after deposition. Substrate holder can be rotated and the size/design is customized. 
Detailed Technical specification
1. Power Supply and Sputter Source
1.1. System support Pulsed DC or MF sputtering modes.
1.2. Manual and Automatic control of targets.
1.3. Operated on three phase power source, AC 380V, 50 Hz, or customized
1.4. Continuously variable DC pulse power supply from 0 to 120 KW to make advanced energy or higher with switching controlled according to process.
1.5. The application of negative bias voltage to the substrate in order to tailor the properties of growing film. The application of a bias voltage to influence the residual stresses, film morphology, density, grain size and preferred crystallographic orientation and to improve adhesion to the substrate. 
2. Vacuum System
2.1. The vacuum chamber will be made of polished SS 304/carbon steel material along with optical view port for plasma viewing with shutter arrangement to avoid material deposition on the view port. 
2.2. Vacuum up to 2.0X 10-3 Pa in process chamber with high performance pressure measurement devices and display screens.
2.3. A manually operated/automated gate valve between chamber and high vacuum pump.
2.4. Reactive sputtering gas delivery system: Mass flow controllers for Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon. 
3. Cooling System
3.1. The system has suitable water cooling system to the magnetron sources to ensure uniform cooling of the target during sputter deposition.
4. Target
4.1. The target is water cooled.
4.2. Adjustable target from minimum diameter of 70 mm to 100mm or above. Targets to be easily mountable and replaceable without breaking any internal seals.
4.3. Target can be oriented at different orientation.
4.4. Adjustable target to substrate distance and distance between the target and the substrate should be as follows: maximum: 100 mm and minimum: 40 mm. All the targets can be equipped with shutters.
4.5. Targets for sputtering of SUS, Cu, Ti, Cr and Al, Ag, etc.
5. Substrate
5.1. Substrate holder to handle different size of substrates
5.2. Mechanism for the rotation of substrate can ensure the uniformity of coating thickness.
6. Control System and Manual Operation
6.1. System Programmable logic controller (PLC) interface with window based software for the control of process parameters and manual/semi-automatic operation using graphical user interface to display power delivered, control modes of current, voltage or power set point current meter and power meter with overload protection.  
6.2. The system should also have all the necessary interlocks/switches, emergency off switch for safety work of the personnel and to prevent of possible damages to the equipment. 
6.3. Fully automated with manual capability and with process recipes builder based on PLC.
6.4. Manual independent control for fault identification. 
6.5. Real time film thickness monitoring & control. Automatic thickness monitoring and control of multilayer thin films (equipped with an automatic control of the shutter).
7. Accessories and spares
7.1. Spare kit
7.2. Chamber ‘O’ rings and seals 
7.3. Gas bottle regulators
7.4. Thickness monitor with crystals
8. Optional Accessories 
8.1. Sputtering targets of Al, SUS, Cr, Si, etc. 
Mirror making
Food grade coatings on disposable cutleries
Car headlamps and reflectors
Decorative coatings on steel parts
Other plastic parts
Necessary pretreatment machines:
Base varnish and topcoat applying unit, Drying oven for plastic substrates
Washing and dry machines for glass substrates
Ultrasonic washing machine, pure water machine, drying oven, chiller for metal substrates
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